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President´s Welcome

Three hundred hotels, seventy thousand rooms, millions of night stays per year and above all, the excellent work done by thousand of certified professionals. These are the numbers that support in a precise way what AEHM stands for.

As the Corporate Association for Hotels in Madrid we represent a sector key for tourism, hotels, which is also one of the strongest drivers for employment and wealth generation in Madrid. It is a sector with a high grade of expertise where quality is must that can´t be waived.

AEHM has a mission that is based on two sides very well defined. On one side, we deliver services to our associates such as counselling on different areas, the latest information regarding the newest regulations of the sector, formation and promotion of Madrid as a touristic destination. On the other hand, we defend the interests of almost three hundred hotels of all categories and sizes, from big 5 star hotels to smaller hostels that are present in Madrid´s Community.

We are the indispensable interlocutor with the different private and public administrations and institutions, business associations, trade unions and chambers of commerce. We do this task with efficiency, responsibility, clear objectives and, if necessary, with forcefulness. Because the challenges the sector makes us face today require a professional response.

Mr. Gabriel García Alonso
President of AEHM

As the Corporate Association for Hotels in Madrid we represent a sector key for tourism, hotels, which is also one of the strongest drivers for employment and wealth generation in Madrid.


The main aims of the Asociación Empresarial Hotelera de Madrid are:

  • Defend, promote and guard the general interests of the associate companies.
  • Exercise an effective defense against intrusion and unfair competition.
  • To promote and claim from the organisations the tourist promotion of Madrid.
  • Represent the associated companies in front of individuals, public/private entities and in particular before the state, autonomic and local administrations.
  • Promote an attractive vision of hotel sector in Madrid for both national and international markets.
  • Support and encourage proficiency in the associated companies.
  • Asses and inform the official organisms when it’s necessary and suitable for the defence on behalf of the collective interest.
  • Develop a solidarity spirit among our members, encouraging communication through an appropriate informative task.

Governing Board

General Assembly

It’s the supreme organ of will at the assembly formed by all the associated companies that have the same rights and obligations.


D. Gabriel García Alonso


Vice-president 1º (group 5*): Hotel Wellington / Mr. José Rodríguez Tarín
Vice-president 2º (group 4*): Hotel NH Habana / Mr. Jacobo Bello
Vice-president 3º (group 3, 2, 1*): Hotel Moderno / Mr. Santiago Bello
Vice-president 4º (group hostales): Hostal Persal / Mr. Ángel Sal de Rellán


Rafaelhoteles Atocha / Mr. Juan Escudero

 Statutory auditor

Hotel Europa / Mr. José Antonio Garabán

Managing board Vocals:

Hotel Gran Meliá Fénix / Mr. Eduardo González
Hotel Artiem / Mr Guillermo Díaz Aliaga
Hotel Emperador / Mr. Luis Gatti
Hotel H10 Tribeca / Mr. Ignaci Prosper
Hotel NH Collection Eurobuilding / Mr. Hugo Rovira
Hotel Novotel Madrid Center / Mr. José Alberto García Anadón
Hotel Tryp Atocha / Mr. Alfonso del Poyo
Hotel VP Jardín de Tres Cantos / Mr. Ramón López
Espahotel Plaza de España / Mr. Javier Antón
Hotel Puerta de Toledo / Mrs. Carolina Durán
Hotel VP Plaza de España/ Mr. Javier Pérez
Hotel Westin Palace/ Mr. Pablo Flores
Hotel Catalonia Gran Vía/ Mr. Manel Vallet
Hotel Hotel Ilunion Atrium/ Mr. José Ángel Preciados
Hotel Hotel Opera/ Mrs. Carmen Carús
Parador de Alcalá De Henares/ Mr. Pedro Soria
Hotel Riu Plaza España / Mr. Manuel Jaile
Hotel Regente / Mr. Pablo Villar
Hostal Marlasca / Mr. Eugenio Albero


  • D. Gabriel García Alonso

General Secretary:

  • Dª Mar de Miguel Colom

Vice Presidents:

  • Vicepresidente 1º (grupo 5 estrellas)
    Hotel Wellington
    D. José Rodríguez Tarín

  • Vicepresidente 2º (grupo 4 estrellas)
    Hotel NH Habana
    D. Jacobo Bello

  • Vicepresidente 3º (grupo 3, 2, 1 estrellas)
    Hotel Moderno
    D. Santiago Bello

  • Vicepresidente 4º (grupo hostales)
    Hostal Marlasca
    D. Eugenio Albero


  • D. Juan Escudero
    Rafaelhoteles Atocha

Members of direct designation:
  • D. Alfonso Del Poyo
    Meliá Hotels International

  • D. Ángel Sal de Rellán
    Hostal Persal

  • D. Hugo Rovira
    NH Hoteles

General Secretary

Her main tasks are coordination and management. She is responsible for the registration of associates, direct relationships with them and to inform them of and the economic and account administration.

Mar the Miguel has been the General Secretary of the Association since June 2016. Graduate in Economic Science, MBA in Public Administration, Master in both European Economics and in Executive Leadership by the IE, she has made research about public administration and innovation for change management in Harvard University.

She collaborates with the World Tourism Organization, World Travel Tourism Counsil; member of the Committee of air route connections of the airport Barajas-Adolfo Suárez and member of the catering commission and Tourism Commission of Madrid´s Chamber of Commerce.

1999-2007: General Director or several public and private organisms: Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero; Fundación Biodiversidad and the Investigation and Tourism Technology Center of the Balearic Islands.

2007-2016: Madrid City Council. Managed the Tourism Trust of the city. General Director of Madrid Destino, managing local policies for promoting the city.


The AEHM is integrated in national and regional confederations and several other entities responsible for the touristic promotion of Madrid and it´s region. The most important are:

CEIM (Confederación Empresarial de Madrid-CEOE)


MCB (Madrid Convention Bureau)




CEHAT (Confederación Española de Hoteles y Alojamientos Turísticos)




World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC)


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